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 Easy Arrowed Control!

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PostSubject: Easy Arrowed Control!   Tue Jul 15, 2008 7:59 am


This is going to teach you how to move a movieclip using the arrow keys.

First to start off make the object you want to move, I guess thats what you would call it. Then highligth the object and press F8 and name it what ever you want, I named mine "chara_cnt" with out the quotes. Once you do that highlight the object again and press F9 to bring up Action Script 2.0, and copy and paste this code.

this._x += 5;
this._x -= 5;
this._y -= 5;
this._y += 5;

Then test out the movie by pressing Ctrl and Enter at the same time. It should work. If you have a question just post it here.

Thanks, Smile
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Easy Arrowed Control!
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